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UNION COUNTY, with its gently undulating land, embraces 346 square miles with a population of 15,637 on the western edge of the Western Coal Field. Along its northern and western borders, for a distance of approximately 36 miles, the Ohio River flows in majestic curves. In the southwest, Union County is separated from Crittenden County by the Tradewater River. Webster County borders the southeast section and to the northeast lies Henderson County, from which Union County was formed in 1811.

The terrain varies from broad flat flood plains with elevations of less than 400 feet along the Ohio River to island-like hill masses that rise 150 to 200 feet or more above the valley flats. Principal streams are the Ohio and Tradewater Rivers. 
An airport with three 5,000-foot runways is located at Sturgis. Major transportation routes are U.S. Highway 60, State Highways 56, 141, and 109.

Our gorgeous county, set in the serene countryside, along with fairs, festivals, and rallies, offers beautiful parks, recreation areas, golf courses, lakes, and nature preserve. Union County is also home to the Corn Festival, James D. Veatch Camp Breckinridge Museum and Arts Center, Earle C. Clements Job Corp Academy, Little Sturgis Rally, and the Dr. John A. Arnold Arena and Convention Center.