Union County Judge/Executive

Judge Adam O'nan

Judge Executive

P.O. Box 60

100 West Main Street

Morganfield KY 42437

Office: 270-389-1081

Fax: 270-389-4232


Hours 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

As the Judge/Executive of Union County, the Honorable Adam O'Nan performs executive and administrative duties imposed upon the county & its fiscal court. He is responsible for executing all ordinances and resolutions of the fiscal court, contracts entered into by the fiscal court, and state laws subject to enforcement by him or officers under his supervision. This includes administration of county government, as well as informing the fiscal court of the operations of county departments, boards, and commissions.


Preparation of the county budget, administration of county funds as approved by the fiscal court, and quarterly financial reporting to the fiscal court, state finance officers, and the public are all duties of the Judge/Executive as the financial administrator of Union County.


Judge O'Nan, with fiscal court approval, has the authority to appoint, supervise, and suspend county personnel. He assures representation of the county boards, commissions, and programs in which the county is required to participate. Additionally, he is a member on various boards and commissions as directed by the Statutes.


Other powers and responsibilities of the office of judge/executive include

- administering oaths of office,

- performing marriage ceremonies,

- inspecting the jail, and

- approving prisoner participation in community service related projects.


The Judge supports economic development in Union County, preservation of historic structures, and conservation of natural resources. Judge O'Nan is also the presiding officer of the fiscal court and may call special meetings in addition to the regularly scheduled meetings of the court.

Also employed in the Judge/Executive's office are Kim Nance, Financial Officer, and Jill Hunley, Administrative Assistant.