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As your Union County Clerk, my goal is to provide impartial service to all Union County residents. In the Clerk’s Office, we strive daily to serve each person in a courteous, respectful and efficient manner. We hope this web-site is helpful and informative. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please contact us directly and we’ll be happy to assist you! – Garrick Thompson


Garrick Thompson

P.O. Box 119

100 West Main Street

Morganfield KY 42437

Office: 270-389-1334

Fax: 270-389-9135

Hours 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Garrick Thompson County Clerk

Motor Vehicles (270-389-2431)

Caring for motor vehicle registrations and transactions are the most widely known responsibilities of the County Clerk's office. Specific services provided by the Motor Vehicle Department include:


Motor vehicle tags for personal use are coded for renewal in the birth month of the owner. Registration, proof of insurance, the tax bill, and payment are required for renewal. Payment may be made by check, money order, or cash. Additional tags issued in in this department are truck, motorcycle, personalized, special (i.e., Volunteer Fire Fighter, Amateur Radio, & Disabled Veteran Class), and historical (for vehicles 30 or more years old).


A lien is a legal claim on the property of another for the satisfaction of a debt. This includes consumer goods, personal property, automobiles, household goods, and business equipment. The two basic transactions are 1) Lien Releases and 2) Lien Filing and Recording.


When a vehicle is sold or is coming into the state of Kentucky, the Motor Vehicle Department handles the legal paperwork. Among the services provided are:

* Transfer of ownership involving vehicles sold within Kentucky.

* Title & registration for out-of-state vehicles entering Kentucky. These require a sheriff's inspection.

* Title & registration for the change of ownership on new vehicles.

* For Licensed KY/Union County dealers - All motor vehicle transactions conducted with dealers, thereby making the customer's business with the dealers more efficient.

Handicapped Parking Permits (270-389-2431)

Persons with physical handicaps whose mobility, flexibility, coordination, respiration, or other perceptiveness is significantly reduced by a permanent or temporary disability can obtain a permit which will allow them to use special handicapped parking spaces. Forms & instructions can be obtained from the County Clerk.

Mail-in Renewals (270-389-2431)

A notice is mailed several weeks prior to the vehicle registration renewal period that gives instructions to complete the transaction. If you opt for this time-saving method of vehicle registration, please allow ample time for the renewal to be returned to you before the expiration date. Payments can be make by check, money order, or cashier's check.

Marriage Licenses (270-389-1334)

The fee for a marriage license is $35.50 and both parties must appear together at the Clerk's Office to obtain one.

The license is valid for 30 days after it is issued only in the state of Kentucky. If either party is under the legal age of 18, the parent or legal guardian must appear with the minor and give written consent.

If the female is under 18 years of age, it is required that the license be obtained in the county where she or her parents reside. Money for a marriage license cannot be refunded if there is a change in plans.

Voter Registration & Elections (270-389-1334)

As the Union County Clerk, Garrick Thompson serves as Chairman of the Board of Elections and is strongly committed to voter registration and improving public participation in the electoral process. Voter registration is available at the County Clerk's Office which also handles absentee ballots. The County Clerk is responsible for the Conduct of Elections for both Primary and General Elections, including preparing ballots, ensuring accuracy of candidates' names and the offices they seek, overseeing voting machine use, tabulating votes, and certifying official winners.

Candidates file with the County Clerk and must file periodic expenditure reports that are available as public records. Statistics, records, current maps, and other data are maintained here.

Area high schools can contact the Clerk's Office to schedule a date & time for volunteer registration of any student who is or will be 18 on or before the General Election.

Legal Records (270-389-1334)

This department is responsible for many of the legal documents, dated since 1811, which are required to be filed as public records.  Click here to access public records online.


- Business Names
- Leases
- Court Orders
- Lis Pendens
- Deeds
- Articles of Incorporation
- Mechanics Liens
- Contracts
- Mortgages
- Plats
- Name Changes
- Notary Commissions
- Powers of Attorney
- Professional Licenses
- Wills
- Ministers Bonds
- Official Bonds
- Other Misc. Documents