The Union County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the security of all Circuit, District, Juvenile, & Family Courts as well as the common areas in the two buildings in which they are held. Additionally, the Sheriff’s Deputies staff handle the daily movement & transportation of prisoners scheduled for court appearances.

Court Location


All District & Juvenile cases are held in the Union County Court Annex Building on Morgan St.

     - Some Circuit cases are held here as well to include Grand Jury


Circuit & Family cases are held in the Main Courthouse building on Main St.



Citizens SHALL NOT communicate with or have contact with ANY prisoner while in transit to & from court or while in court. CRIMINAL CHARGES WILL APPLY!!



Items NOT allowed in court:

  • Guns, knives, or box cutters

  • Handcuff keys

  • Cell phones or other electronic devices

  • Tools

  • Glass bottles

  • Unauthorized badges

  • Sharp items or anything else that may be used a weapon

  • Food or Beverages, including chewing gum & the like

All Violator's WILL be prosecuted!!



Proper attire SHALL be worn in ALL Courts.
NO shorts, cut off sleeves, belly shirts, flip flops, pants hanging below waistline, etc.


Any indecent attire worn or poor/disruptive conduct will subject you to possible removal from the court room where your case will be missed and Failure to Appear, Contempt of Court or other penalties may apply!!


Use good judgement and common sense.