Union County Sheriff's Office
Morganfield, KY 42437

Criminal complaints are processed daily by the Sheriff's Office. The Union County Sheriff's Office works with local, state, & federal law enforcement agencies to ensure that the laws of the land are enforced.


Warrant Service is a very important, demanding & dangerous assignment for the Sheriff's Office. Warrant's range from Failing to Appear for a minor traffic violation to Capitol Murder. Due to the higher demand placed on Sheriff's Departments in Kentucky to serve warrants, laws have been adopted specifically to aid in thier ability to serve said warrants.


Criminal Investigations are undertaken daily. It is not unusual for the Sheriff's Office to investigate as many as 10 crimes any given day.


Traffic Violations are a necessary evil for the Sheriff's Office. While no one likes to get a traffic ticket, without them our streets would be unsafe to travel. Traffic citations are generally left to the Kentucky State Police, but the Sheriff's Department does write many citations yearly as their duty to keep their community safe. Most deputies cars are equiped with radar, mobile data terminals, & preliminary breath testing equipment.


General Patrol duties are required of deputies to help stop crime before it happens rather than after the fact. As it is not always possible; having a deputy in your neighborhood doesn't hurt.


Bailiff Duty is a very important aspect of ensuring that our Criminal Justice System works properly. Maintaining order & safety is of utmost importance in this endeavor. Without either, the Justice System would grind to a halt. The Baliff's primary duty is protecting the Judge & other court security issues. Baliff's do in-fact protect the lives of the accused, as well. Zero tolerance is often the norm for court room security.