Occupational Tax Administrator



Lissa Gibson

 P.O. Box 60
 100 West Main St.
 Morganfield, KY 42437
 Office: 270-389-3438
 Fax: 270-389-4232
 Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


As the Union County Tax Administrator, Lissa Gibson collects local county tax and enforces the County Occupational and Net Profit License Fee Ordinance as directed by the Fiscal Court. Helping with these responsibilities is Paul Monsour, Assistant Tax Administrator, and he may be contacted at paul.monsour@unioncountyky.org.
Occupational taxes are withheld from gross wages earned in Union County, and submitted on a quarterly basis.  The current tax rate is .5%.
Net Profit license fees are collected from the net profits of all business ventures in Union County.  Public and private businesses, lessors of rental property, farms and farming operations, and independent contractors are all examples of taxable entities.  The Net Profit license fees are collected on the 15th day of the 4th month following the fiscal year end and are based on Federal returns.  The current license fee is .5%.
All persons doing business in Union County are required by ordinance to complete and submit a questionnaire to the Tax Administrator. To avoid interest and penalty, returns must be submitted by the due date.
Tax Form Information

See Forms Section below for new interactive PDF tax forms for your convenience. These .pdf forms are easy to use! Simply save the forms to your computer, fill them in online, and then print. To complete, type in a field, then tab to the next one edit, and continue tabbing until all form fields are filled. You may also point with the mouse and click into fields for editing. Our forms currently do not allow for electronic signatures and must be printed and mailed to the Occupational License Fee office. So, once the tax form is complete, click the "print" button and be sure to print copies for your own records & the Tax Administrator.
The tax form can also be save to the computer's hard drive or some other storage device. Click the "save" button on the tool bar and select where to save the file in the "save in" selection box. Next, name the tax form and click "save."
If you have difficulty reading the tax forms, increase the magnification of the entire page by clicking the plus sign (+) above the tax form on the tool bar.


Occupational Tax Forms

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