Planning Commission

Sean Sheffer, PE - Director
Susie Robertson, Administrative Assistant Zoning & Building Code
Administrator E911 & GIS Coordinator















P. O. Box 1
Morganfield, KY 42437
Office: 270-389-2093
Cell: 270-952-0471
Fax: 270-389-0013


As the Planning Commissioner, Mr. Sean Sheffer has the responsibility of implementing the Union County Comprehensive Plan, Union County Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, City of Morganfield Drainage Ordinance, the Municipal Zoning Ordinance for the Cities of Morganfield, Sturgis, and Waverly, and the Land Subdivision Regulations for Union County. The Planning Director and staff are responsible to the Commission for all administrative activity. The Commission also administers the County-wide Building Code Enforcement program and the property addressing database throughout Union County.


The Union County Planning Commission was formed as a joint city-county planning commission in 1972 by the Union County Fiscal Court and the Cities of Morganfield, Sturgis, Uniontown, and Waverly in accordance with K.R.S. 100. The City of Uniontown withdrew from participation in 1979. The Commission members consists of 5 representatives for the County, 3 each for the Cities of Morganfield and Sturgis, 1 for the City of Waverly for a total of 12 commissioners, appointed by the County Judge/Executive and respective Mayors.

Union County and its incorporated cities have adopted the minimum level of land use regulations to comply with state statutes. The adoption of a zoning ordinance for Union County would be a significant measure to provide minimum land use protection for the property owners in unincorporated areas and will be more specifically discussed by type of use. The City of Uniontown would then be the only area in the county without zoning. We must keep in mind that people, time, and land are our most valuable resources. How our community develops is based upon the thousands of individual development decisions within the framework of economic freedom of choice enjoyed in the United States. Zoning is a restriction on some development choices which may be detrimental to others. In essence, the right to adversely affect our neighbor's property is conceded to gain the protection from the potential adverse influence to our property from a neighboring property owner. Such an arrangement has proven to provide stability to neighborhoods, maintain property values and improve the quality of life. Union County is fortunate that no significant detrimental development has occurred to damage the attractiveness of our countryside but that could change tomorrow. However, the general issues involve the protection of the boundaries of our cities and agricultural assets from undesirable or unplanned development and the protection of all property owners in the realm of daily development decisions, which at the time only affect a handful of property owners but over time affect all of Union County.