Union County Road Department



Tony Ratley, Road Foreman

212 Airline Road
Morganfield, KY 42437

Office: 270-389-1646
Fax: 270-389-4993

Hours: 7am - 3:30pm




There are approximately 250 miles of road in Union County, KY, with 272 different road names. The Union County Road Department maintains equipment, roads, bridges, and driveway culverts, and is in association with the county following programs:

  •  Dog Warden

  • Recycling

  • Jail Inmate

  • Senior Citizens

  • James D. Veatch Camp Breckinridge Museum & Arts Center

  • 911 Emergency

  • Sheriff Department

The Union County Road Department also hosts the State Tire Amnesty Program, the Agriculture Chemical Jug Recycle Program, and the State Rat Poison Program.



Characteristics of Class Title: Road Department Supervisor

This position entails the responsibility for supervision of all construction, maintenance, & repair of all county roads, related public works, and personnel necessary for the operation of the county road department.


  1. Supervise maintenance of all County roads & bridges.

  2. See that County roads & bridges are improved and maintained as provided by law.

  3. Responsible for seeing that requests made by the Fiscal Court are carried out in an effective & efficient manner.

  4. Supervise the construction & maintenance of County roads, bridges, and other work of like nature undertaken by Fiscal Court.

  5. Responds to concerns expressed by the public & relay these concerns to the Fiscal Court as well as recommend solutions.

  6. Make reports from time to time to as the Fiscal Court directs.

  7. Examine the various formations and deposits of gravel & stone in the County to ascertain the materials most available and best suited for the improvement of roads therein, and, when requested by the Bureau of Highways, submit samples of such materials and deposits and make a written report concerning the materials.

  8. Establish or cause to be established necessary grades and recommend means of drainage repair & improvement.

  9. Inspect, or cause to be inspected, each County road or bridge during its construction or improvement, and certify to the Fiscal Court the progress of the work and whether or the work is being done according to the contract, plans, and specifications prepared thereof. If he/she finds that the work is not being done in accordance with the contract plans & specifications he/she may stop any further work thereafter until the Fiscal Court has inspected and passed upon it.

  10. Remove or direct the removal of trees or other obstacles from the right-of-way of any publicly dedicated road when the trees or other obstacles become a hazard to traffic.

  11. Supervise county road department employees, maintenance, and repair personnel. If disciplinary problems arise with Road Department employees, the Road Supervisor is responsible to advise the County Judge/Executive and assist him, if necessary, in taking disciplinary action.

  12. Keep track of all material used, rock, culvers, fuel, etc.

  13. Any other duties the County Judge/Executive &/or the Fiscal Court shall deem necessary.

Characteristics of Class Title: Road Department Foreman
  1. Oversees road projects in progress as directed by the Road Supervisor.

  2. Assigns daily orders to road crew, and assigns and oversees solid waste crews when the Road Supervisor is not available.

  3. Sees that work is performed satisfactorily.

  4. In the case of employees refusing to perform assigned work, the County Judge/Executive is to be notified immediately.

  5. Any other duties the County Judge/Executive &/or the Fiscal Court shall deem necessary.

  6. Reports any problems that occur during the Road Supervisors' absence to the Road Supervisor, to include but are not limited to the following:

  •               Employees refusing to perform the assigned work

  •               Employee injuries

  •               Equipment break-downs or accidents

Characteristics of Class Title: Road Deparment Employee

This class includes all full time hourly employees who report for duty at the Union County Road Department Garage. Employees are required to perform the following tasks as assigned by the Union County Road Foreman and the Union County Road Supervisor.

  1. Be able to operate road maintenance & solid waste vehicles and equipment that are assigned in a safe & efficient manner.

  2. Work independently within established policies, procedures, & standard equipment operation techniques with thorough knowledge of the work hazards & applicable safety precautions associated with assigned equipment and operations (includes knowledge of applicable traffic laws, ordinances, & regulations involved in the operation of assigned equipment).

  3. Service and maintain equipment or vehicle assigned. Detect any malfunctions, and then repair or report them to the Road Foreman. Keep equipment clean & serviceable at all times.

  4. Perform manual labor as assigned. Be available during adverse weather conditions (i.e., snow, storms, floods, etc.) to perform emergency work.

  5. Be friendly & courteous to the general public at all times. Be able/capable of working alone or with fellow employees.

  6. Follow written &/or oral instructions.

  7. Clean & maintain buildings and grounds owned by the Union County Fiscal Court, as assigned.

  8. Attend all training sessions scheduled by the Road Supervisor.

  9. Any other duties the County Judge/Executive &/or the Fiscal Court shall deem necessary.